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One Rewards FAQs
How do I sign up for One Rewards?

Simply create an account by entering your email and password. If you currently have an
account, you’ve already been enrolled in our rewards program so just sign in to see your point balance.

What are the advantages of becoming a rewards member?

Our rewards program is a tiered program that allows One Reward members to access exclusive discount, promotions and redemptions when you spend with us. Members receive points for each purchase they make (£1* = 1 point). Members also earn points without having to make a purchase by creating an account, following us on social media and signing up to our newsletter! You can view the full list of perks on your Rewards page.

*less VAT and shipping

I already have an account. Do I need to create a new one to earn rewards?

If you have already set up a Route One platform account (entering an email and password) you are automatically enrolled into our loyalty programme. If you had an account in our old loyalty programme and accrued points, your account and points have been transferred into our new system. Our service emails informed all members that points earned within the last 12 months would be carried over, anything earned prior to that would have had to be redeemed by 31st October 2022. We have recalculated any live points earned in the last 12 months so that you have been placed in the equivalent tier in One Rewards.

Moving from ‘Route One Club’ to ‘One Rewards’

We have divided the points by 5 but have increased their value by 5. In the previous membership programme, for every £1 spent you earned 5 points. In the new One Rewards programme we have simplified this so you earn 1 point per £1 spent.

Example 1: Members in the Platinum Tier in the previous
system used 3000 points for a £60 Coupon to redeem off Skate Shoes, In One Rewards it will cost 600 Points to Redeem a £60 Coupon

Example 2: Members in the Platinum Tier in the previous system used 100 points for a £1 discount at checkout, In One Rewards a 100 point redemption at checkout will get you £5 discount at checkout* (min order values apply)

Points are rounded down to the nearest whole number.

Where can I find all of my One Rewards account info?

The One Rewards page is your roadmap to all your points and perks. You can access all of your info by logging in and visiting your One Rewards page here 

Will I receive points for purchases I made prior to creating my rewards account?

No. You will only start earning points once you have created an account.

Does it cost anything to begin earning points?

Signing up is free!

Can I access my account in the Route One app?

Using your points and having access to deals in One Rewards is currently unavailable through the Route One app. However, you will still earn points for every purchase you make via the app. Simply log into your account on a browser on desktop or mobile to view your account and spend your points.

Earning and Redeeming
How do I redeem my points?

All tiers have access to redeem product with their points which can be added to your basket through the Rewards page. You can only redeem one product per purchase and you must have a paid item in your basket in order to redeem. To redeem a discount, simply login to your account and use
the dropdown at checkout (This only applies to Silver and Gold tier customers). You can redeem your points for £5, £10 or £15 off at the checkout with a £60 minimum spend. For Gold customers who can redeem £60 off a pair of selected shoes you can access this by redeeming for a coupon in your One Rewards Account Page. The discount can only be applied to full price shoes.

How do points convert to Pounds?

For every £1 you spend you will earn 1 point.

Is there a limit to how many points I can earn?

Nope! You can earn as many as you like.

Is there an expiration date to my points?

Yes, your points have a lift of 6 months. The 6 months starts from the date of earning.

Do I receive my points straight after making a purchase?

No, there is a 30 day period where your points will be in pending status. Your points will be approved after 30 days.

Is there a limit to how many points I can use per order?

It is one money off coupon per order and they are not stackable.

Can rewards points be redeemed with other promotional discounts?

No. Rewards points can’t be used in conjunction with other promotional discounts or coupons but can be used on “2 For £” offers.

Can I return my order if I redeemed rewards points for a discount?

Your statutory rights are not affected and you can return your order, however, if you earned points on a purchase and applied those points towards a purchaseand then that purchase is partially refundedwe will not return the points used to redeem the reward coupon but will only return points for the amount returned.

I've earned points and moved into a higher tier with my last purchase, but now I want to return it. What will happen to my tier?

If you return a purchase that bumped you up into a higher tier and decide to return it, you will return to your original tier.

How can I get a birthday reward?

Just enter your birthday in the One Rewards page and receive a discount on your special day!

How is my tier determined?

Your tier is determined by the amount you spend in a rolling 12-month period that resets every time you earn your way into a new tier. You are automatically enrolled into the Bronze tier when you create an account. You will move up tiers the more you spend. Once you earn your way into a new tier, you have 12 months to spend that same amount to keep your tier or you can keep spending to level up! If you don’t spend the equivalent amount to stay in your current tier within the 12 month period, you will be moved down to the tier that is equivalent to your spend. As you move up in the tiers, you will retain all benefits from your previous tier.

How do I know which tier I am currently a member of?

You can find out which tier you are in by logging into your account and navigating to the One Rewards page.

When am I allocated my new tier?

You will be allocated to your new tier 30 days after the date of purchase.

Opt Out
Can I Opt out?

Of course. Should you wish to opt out then please contact our customer service and they will be happy to assist you. Please note that should you Opt Out then your points balance would drop to zero and should you decide to join again you’d enter at Bronze.

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