Amy Ram

Amy Ram Skate Team

AGE : Can I lie? Na - 29. I’m proud of my age. I picked back up my board when I was 23 after a 10 year break but I'm hoping that should inspire to do the same and that it’s never too late!

FAVOURITE SPOT : Why is that so difficult to answer?

FAVOURITE SHOE : VANS!!! High Top Pros and Slip Ons!

FAVOURITE BOARD GRAPHIC : Real decks are always the best looking boards around for sure.

SKATER WITH THE BEST STYLE : Fabi Delfino/Daryl Dominguez/Roller Surfer!

FAVOURITE SKATE VIDEO : Anything with a bit of British crust. I was really inspired by Albion in 2014. PALASONIC was pure London swag.

FAVOURITE BANDS / MUSICIANS : Helena Long from the Upset Stomach! Best drummer out there!

FAVOURITE TV SHOWS : First Dates! Although, it is a dream of mine is to spend a month on Bear Grylls ‘The Island’

WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO WHEN NOT SKATING : Not much! Surfing I guess is my second love. And travelling… but now I mostly travel with my board.

DEFINITIVE MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE SO FAR : When I left school and travelled the world for 8 months. It was the best time. No phones. Barely any internet. No social media. It was wild. Leave it as that!