Theories of Atlantis: Jupiter

Posted by Route One on 22nd July 2020

Josh Stewart may have cut his film making teeth back in the days of VHS and honed his craft through his now legendary 'Static' series but for a man who's education in the art dates back to the last century he's definitely still at the cutting edge of the current crop.

His latest Theories piece 'Jupiter' features a whole host of skaters that fall under his self styled distro roster and is a who's who of skater's skaters. In fact it's so core we're surprised more big name pro's haven't been sharing clips from it on insta to prove how down with the roots they still are!

Released through Free Magazine, the thinking skater's favoured periodical, Josh's trusty VX captures the likes of Aaron Herrington, Ben Gore, Jahmal Williams and more (inter-spliced with the usual Illuminati nods of course) as they make the most of the empty avenues the Covid lock down afforded them.

Click play to enjoy some good old fashioned US street skating then keep an eye out for Theories' Zander Mitchell's full part dropping later this week!