Girl 'Nervous Circus'

Posted by Route One on 2nd September 2020

From the moment that piano plays and 'Keenen Forever' bursts onto the screen you know you're about to be treated to something special. Girl certainly aren't shy when it comes to releasing content, before Youtube existed Crailtap was THE place for regular uploads back in the day, but when they're putting out something a little more important Royal Flush's 'World Wide' is the alarm call they sound; it's their way of letting you know you need to give this this your undivided attention.

And so you best get yourself comfortable, close the door and put that phone onto aeroplane mode as 'Nervous Circus' definitely falls into this category!

Opening with a team montage (shout out to Simon Bannerot for the amazing allyoop wallride at Jimi Hendrix' old high school) before officially welcoming Rowan Davis to the team, the piece really gets going once Griffin Gass and Niels Bennett take to the screen. We're also thrilled to report the video serves as their 'going pro' celebration and of course the footage more than justifies the decision of the top brass!

Oh yeah, keep an eye out for more Griffin Gass related radness coming soon; if you're lucky we might just have a special treat for you ?