Dime Glory Challenge

Posted by Route One on 3rd October 2019

As times change and media consumption grows ever more vociferous, it's sometimes hard to find something or somebody that really speaks and repesents you. And, in a skateboarding world that has both never seen more money or less (depending in which part of the part of the industry you reside), it's common to find skaters struggling to recognise their beloved art as we face down the reality of being an Olympic sport and all the seriousness that entails.

Thank God then for Dime! Every year these crazy Canadian boys put on the most magnificent of silly skateboarding festivals and every year it seems as though they've peaked in what level of fun can be achieved. Then twelve months passes and somehow they manage to turn the level of radness way past eleven and make the previous year's exploits seem tame in comparison!

After flames, wrestling and last year's bomb drop of death it seemed hard to imagine how the event could move forwards in 2019. That's because mere mortals like us don't imagine taking over the Olympic stadium!

Honestly, we could talk all day about just how perfect a representation of the brilliance of skateboarding the Time Glory challenge is but that would take away from the actual fun. Click play, get stoked and forget about all that boring crap that doesn't speak for you. You'll be glad you did...