Deedz 'Føkk Dude'

Posted by Route One on 2nd September 2020

Every few years skateboarding content production inevitably goes through a lean spell and the various media houses find themselves having to do more than just post the latest Youtube link to maintain those all important clicks. One of the favoured approaches of magazines/websites/blogs etc is the tried and tested 'top ten' and this undoubtedly always includes a "Best line ever" countdown. There are some guarantees, PJ's final tricks in PJLWHL and Carroll's opener from Modus Operandi are always a shoe in, and we reckon we finally have a bit of new blood to add to this select group; the opening line in this new part from Deedz is literally one of the best we've ever seen.

Clocking in at a very healthy ten tricks (well, if you include kerb ollies and powerslides) it's proper street skateboarding in the truest sense of the term. Not that that's the only bit of the part that deserves attention, far from it, it's just when something opens this strong it really does warrant a little celebration!

The rest, as you'd expect, it truly excellent; there's that insane fast footwork we've all come to expect and that quirky eye for a "spot" that we've all come to love. Throw in a real "ender ender" and this has gotta be one of the parts of the summer; it's gonna be on repeat in the Route One offices for quite a while and we can't give higher praise than that!